One of the most worrisome problems that can show up in your home is mold. Mold can cause a variety of health problems that affect your family’s quality of life. Here are five ways to prevent mold in your home.

Ways to Prevent Mold in Your Home

  • Keep bathrooms dry
  • Use humidifiers
  • Fix leaks
  • Use mold-resistant paint
  • Hire a professional

Keep Bathrooms Dry

Bathrooms steam up when people take baths and showers, and some older bathrooms lack ventilation fans. Damp towels also contribute to an environment that’s ripe for mold growth. To prevent mold in your home, keep the bathroom as dry as possible.

Spread towels out to dry quickly and keep the ventilation fan on before and after a shower. If the bathroom doesn’t have a ventilation fan, install one that vents to the outdoors to prevent mold in your home. Scrubbing down the walls of your shower will remove any accumulated mold and mildew.

Use Dehumidifiers

Many parts of the country get very humid at certain times of the year. This humidity builds up in your house if you’re not careful. Humidity causes moisture, which leads to mold growth. Use dehumidifiers to cut down on the humidity in your house. Dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air and keep mold from forming and spreading.

Fix Leaks to Prevent Mold in Your Home

Leaky pipes create damp patches that facilitate mold growth. A leaky roof does the same. Because mold thrives in moist conditions, fix any leaks quickly to prevent mold in your home. Failure to do so could lead to a hefty mold remediation bill.

Use Mold-Resistant Paint

Use mold-resistant paint in areas that are susceptible to mold growth. Apply it to the basement, bathroom, and kitchen walls. Mold-resistant paint forms a barrier that helps prevent mold growth. If mold does develop, you can clean it more easily from any surfaces that have mold-resistant paint on them.

Hire a Professional

The final tip to help you prevent mold in your home is to contact a professional for a mold inspection. If there is mold, it’s best to catch it early. The remediation costs will be much cheaper, and you’ll be less likely to get sick from breathing in mold spores.

Taking these steps will mean the difference between healthy indoor air and expensive mold removal costs. It’s important to keep mold from forming in the first place. If it’s too late, have any mold removed as quickly as possible.

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