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Kelly Ruybalid
Kelly Ruybalid
14:37 16 Jan 19
Call promptly. Kept me informed. Did a GREAT job, Inspecting my house to sell. HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Carol Tippett
Carol Tippett
16:08 08 Jan 19
Lloyd is the best! Didn't miss a thing. Even my realtor commented on how thorough he is. Plus, he allowed me to follow him around with a bazillion questions on what does what in the house. As a new homeowner there are many things I have to learn (ie what each breaker switch connects to, what house-maintenance things to be mindful of in the future, etc). His knowledge was invaluable to me. I highly recommend him to future home buyers!!
Samira Oravec
Samira Oravec
20:54 07 Jan 19
Great Customer service Extremely helpful answered all my questions that I had about the inspection, absolutely recommend him and I really wound hire him again for future service Thank you Lloyd For all your help
yadi rico
yadi rico
20:14 04 Jan 19
Extremely helpful, and knowledgeable. Great customer service; went above and beyond.. Absolutely recommend him and will use his services in the future. Thank you so much Lloyd!
Jose Rico
Jose Rico
19:58 04 Jan 19
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Before moving out of the area our family had the opportunity to work with Lloyd Brown now LLB Inspection Services and he was great to work with for our “after close of escrow home inspection”. He was very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional.

My wife Kelly and I had purchased a home but had waived the right to a home inspection while in contract to purchase. After the closing, Lloyd convinced us we should conduct a thorough inspection of the home to see what’s up and learn some tips on how to better maintain our home. Knowing Lloyd for several years and having a good understanding of his background and experience we didn’t hesitate to take him up on his offer.

Lloyd did a really good job with our inspection. We spent about 3 hours with him as he taught us about all the different things to be aware of and showed us some of the repair and improvement recommendations he would make. He took several pictures and lots of notes and kept reminding us that even though he was going over these things with us now, he is going to include them in a written report.

Less than 24 hours had passed after completing the inspection and we received a call from Lloyd, as he was writing the report, he noticed in a picture that there was an issue that we had not discussed during the inspection and while the issue was minor, he wanted to let us know of it before putting in the report just in case we had any questions. Shortly after the call we received Lloyd’s written report. We really appreciated the extra step Lloyd took to clarify something even though it was going to be in the report when we received it.

Based on this experience, Kelly and I did get a home inspection done on our most recent home purchase, unfortunately out of Lloyd’s geographical area and we will probably get inspections done periodically just to make sure the house is functioning and being maintained correctly.

Our family would certainly recommend Lloyd to anyone needing a home inspection in an area serviced by LLB Inspection Services.

Jason and Kelly K


I write this letter with great enthusiasm and appreciation regarding the many talents Lloyd Brown of LLB Inspection Services possesses.

I have been in the construction industry for more than 2 decades and have had the opportunity and pleasure to work side by side with Lloyd for most of them, recently me as a VP of Construction and Lloyd as a VP of Customer Service/Quality Control, overall for almost 20 years.

Lloyd is immensely knowledgeable in all phases of the home construction inspection process and I have absolutely no hesitation endorsing the qualifications and skill set he brings to LLB Inspection Services.

During our time as a Home Building Team, Lloyd’s Quality Control Department provided inspections during all phases of construction through Buyer Move In Inspections for what would be thousands of homes, not to mention the thousands of inspections for Builder Warranty Service performed after our buyers would move in and other inspections required whenever a claim under California Civil Code was established.

Whether you are having an inspection done just to keep your builder honest or selling or buying a property, I believe in my heart these qualifications would make Lloyd Brown of LLB Inspection Services abundantly qualified to service your Real Estate Property Inspection needs.

Scott J.

Vice President Construction

I am not only thrilled but qualified to write this referral/testimonial letter regarding Lloyd Brown of LLB Inspection Services. As a Customer Service Area Manager for the past 12 years for one of the nation’s largest builders, I had the pleasure of working with and learning from Lloyd during the entire time in a Customer Service/Quality Control department Lloyd had designed, organized and maintained for over 28 years. ​

Mr. Brown is responsible and punctual and is extremely knowledgeable in all phases of home construction and I absolutely endorse his qualifications and skill set.

During the time that I had worked with Lloyd, he managed a Quality Control Department that provided multiple home inspection intervals from Model Frame Pre-Drywall Inspections to System and Component Inspections to Buyer Move In Inspections for a homebuilder that was producing anywhere from 700 to 1200 homes per year.

Whether just doing a routine maintenance inspection while staying on top of your current home ownership or selling or buying a property, Lloyds vast experience and knowledge in Customer Service, All Phases of Construction, Builder Warranty Obligations & Timelines and the California Civil Code governing these obligations, helps make LLB Inspection Services uniquely qualified to service your Real Estate Inspection needs.

Dallas Relei

Assistant Superintendent, UC Construction Co.

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